To the Reader

MAY 7, 2010

Dear Kyle, and whoever else might read,

Every day I think of something I’d like to ask Mama Annice then realize that she’s not available on this plane. There will be a time when I won’t be around either. When your children ask about a family tree for school, you can look back and see what things were like “back then”

I hope you will get to know the people who meant so much to me and to your mother. These pages are the product of many years of work, Some were written when Mama Annice was a teenager, some are excerpts written almost a century ago.

You can be proud of your heritage. There are lots of ordinary people who did many extraordinary things. Your families were respected and individuals made a difference in the world.

Most of this is on computer, but there may come a time when I ask to borrow it to make copies for others. There ain’t no way I could make one of these for 15 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  Much of this was passed down to me from both Daddy Buster and Mama Annice. Now I pass it on to you. I was waiting for someone to ask about family and you were the one.

If you ever want more, go online to,, or and put in my name. You can’t read it all in one sitting, but you can check it out at your leisure. May it remind you of a grandmother who loves you very much. (Whether I’m on this earth or peeping over the rails in Heaven)

The Bible tells us that God sends blessings down to four generations of a righteous man, and you have many faithful Christian ancestors. Be blessed.


Aka  Dorothy Graham Clements Gast

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