Second and Third Generations in America

Second and Third Generation Corks in America

John Cork was the oldest son of john Cork and Elizabeth Kilpatrick Cork and was born in Woodward, South Carolina in 1781 and died there October 1, 1856. He is buried in the Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Woodward, South Carolina. His wife and many of his children are buried there also. He married Mary Huffman daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Huffman.

The youngest son of JOhn Cork in Woodward, South Carolina, William Cork received the plantation and home of his father when his father died . William and his wife, Mary Mobley Cork, lived in the old home place until early 1832. They sold the home and 194 acres to James Mobley for $2121 on December 24, 1831. It was located on the Bushy Fork of Little River in Fairfield County, South Carolina..

August 31, 1832 William obtained his first grant of land in western Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. He received five more grants that gave him a total of 440 acres.This was later called the Marlowe place. With all his family he moved here in 1832. His children married and raised their families in the same area. William and succeeding generations are buried in the Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery in Jena.

His children were:


Alexander Cork 1810-1884 married Margaret Huffman.1815-

John Cork 1811 in South Carolina died 1890 in Alabama. Married Jane Dickey 1814-1890. Both are buried in Jena. Hi son James R. (RED JIM) was my great grandfather.


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