Bartons Come to Alabama

Elia Wilburn Barton was born November 17,1799 in Pickens County, South Carolina. His father was David Oldham Barton, born December 20, 1770 in Faiquier County, Virginia  and died March 1, 1842 In Oconee County, South Carolina .

His mother was Margaret “Peggy” Looney, born September 30, 1775 and died in South Carolina July 3, 1832.  Her maiden name would show up in succeeding generations.

Elias married Katherine Hunnicutt, February 18, 1829, In Soouth Carolina   who was born January 17, 1808 in Pickens County , South Carolina and died August 6, in Fayette County, Alabama at 79.

Ellias and Katherine moved from Pickens County, South Carolina, to Franklin County, Georgia, then to Ralph community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, bringing sons, Peter Looney Barton, Mary Jane Barton, Cloud Thrasher, Barton, and William Madison Barton.

Their first Alabama born son was Thomas Hunnicutt Barton, my great great grandfather, born July 24, 1835 in Ralph, Alabama also called Hickman.Other children followed:.

David Oldham Barton born October 2, 1837, died April 3,1889.

Margaret Saphronia Barton February 9, 1840,died June 21, 1862.

Ruth Eleanor Barton born August 24,1842

Easter Evaline Nancy Barton born August 19, 1848

Katherine Angenia Barton born February 22, 1851, died October 7, 1861 at only 10 years.

Elias was known as a community leader,a farmer, and a school teacher. Most of their sons lived longer than the average age than their contemporaries.