Will You Still Love Me?


Will you still love me if I don’t know your name?
When my eyes have failed and nothing’s the same?
When I don’t know the date or even my age,
Or what is this book and where is the page?
Will you take time to remember and cherish our past
And make our shared moments sweet long as they last?
Will you hold me and touch me and wrap me in care
And whisper reminders of the history we share?

Will you hold on to me when my Self fades away
And you are a face from a dim yesterday?
When I want to go home and home’s where I stand
Will you gently remind me and hold to my hand?
When I call you Mama and forget you’re my wife
Will you kiss me and tease me and rejoice in my life?

Will you hold on to my world when I cannot see?
Will you keep a sweet thought for our used-to-be?
Will you keep family together and memories bright,
Reminding our children to seek for the right?
And when I no longer can hold up my share,
Will you still take time to show me you care?
Will you hold on to my world for me?